Andrea Cat:

插畫家Andrea Cat,喜歡畫貓、花花草草、也喜歡畫服裝穿搭, 2012年完成第一部作品《富麗街的貓》繪本,並以同名「Andrea Cat」成立個人品牌。


  • 2013年-台北國際書展、當代台北藝術館創意市集、寵物展

  • 2014年-Pinkoi松菸誠品粉樂町

  • 2016年-前往美國紐約參加Surtex圖像授權展

  • 2017年-香港圖像授權展、紐約Surtex圖像授權展


  • 2012年-哈寵誌季刊專欄跟寵物保健專題插畫

  • 2013-2014年-富麗街的貓繪本桌曆發行

  • 2014年-獨立出版Andrea Cat創刊號、2015年富麗街的貓繪本桌曆發行

  • 2015年-<貓咪假期:貓式奇想舒壓著色畫>-野人文化出版社、2016年貓繪本桌曆Tea Time發行


About Andrea Cat:

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and animal lover from Taiwan. After I graduated from MCU( Ming Chuan University) graphic design, I worked for GSK( GlaxoSmithKline) as an artwork administrator. In 2012, I completed my first illustrated story Cats on Fu Li Street and established my own brand. My work appeared on projects ranging from apparel to publishing : Fandora shop,  Phisoderm, Hot Pet magazine,  Yeren Publishing House.

In my childhood, when Disney cartoons were popular and hot, I dreamed of being an illustrator. I like my illustrations appearing on book covers, children's books and decor, magazines, stationery, greeting cards and more. I am always inspired by flowers, bright color , vintage children's book illustration, fashion shows and my sweet cat.

You can read a little more about me on my Instagram page.

For freelance inquiries, please contact me by E-mail:andreachang805@gmail.com

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